SPINDRIFT 2: ink on vellum 36” x 19”
GHOST MANZANITA (Front View): mixed media 45"x 32"x32"
CORYBAS: ink and color pencil on vellum 19"x17"
"One bough of bone across the rooting air" ink + color pencil 11" x 17"
Lotus/Lotis: Light mixed media drawing 37"x25"
Medusa Molecule: mixed media 20” x 20”
HUIIO THE GREAT ANACONDA: mixed media 30” x 60”
CENTAUR WITH UPROOTED TREE: mixed media 36” x 36”
Alcyone's Long Dark Night: mixed media 24” x 48”
PAPERBARK DAPHNE: color pencil/pastel 19” x 25”